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Check out our most updated listings of the new condo assignments for sale in Toronto. View photos & prices with map search features. Bulletin: Headline: Topic: Publication date: Agency agreements: Before you sign on the dotted line: Winding Up A Strata Corporation Jan 4: Vancouver New Condos is now available to help with the purchase and sale of Presale Condo Assignments in Vancouver.

We have the experience, tools, and connections to give your presale assignment condo the exposure it needs to sell for top dollar. is the Official foreclosure website owned by Fannie Mae.

Find Fannie Mae foreclosures exclusively on "Dennis is a very well informed real estate agent who specializes in assignment deals.

Dennis was instrumental in getting our condo assigned. He has the market knowledge, is polite, and has the right contacts in the real estate market to assist his clients in all sorts of real estate requirements. What is an Assignment of an Agreement of Purchase and sale?

At its essence, an Assignment of an Agreement of Purchase and Sale – informally known as “flipping a home” – is a simple concept: A buyer of a new home allows someone else to take over the purchase contract, which allows that person to buy that same home him or herself.

More specifically, the original buyer enters into a.

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