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Macquarie University, Sydney

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Macquarie University is a modern research-intensive institution with a mission to serve the needs of industry and the community. Macquarie's relaxing and spacious hectare park-like campus is strategically located within the high-technology corridor of Sydney's north-west. The interactive assignment is designed to provide students with an overview of the practical skills essential to financial accounting, through the completion of.

Macquarie University, inintroduced two undergraduate coursework programs in the area of video games. These programs are a joint initiative of the Departments of Computing and Media, Music.

At Macquarie we are committed to providing an efficient enrolment service for students. However on occasions students may experience difficulties with web enrolment or on-campus enrolment services.

If you have an enrolment issue that needs to be resolved please follow this procedure. The Macquarie University is offering Macquarie university India scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to all students from India who commence their studies in This scholarship is valued at AUD $10, per year for the duration of your Bachelor or Master coursework degree.

Macquarie University ranks applicants on the basis of academic merit, relevant research experience and/or potential and the University’s research priorities. Successful applicants must have completed at least four years of higher education studies at a very high level.

Coursework studies section macquarie university
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