Freelance blog writing

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How to Find Freelance Writing Clients

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The Complete Guide to Getting Started Freelance Writing From Scratch

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Freelance Writing: Tips on How to Get Started

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Beginners’ Guide to Freelance Writing: The Planning

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Freelance bloggers are constantly looking for ways to spread their talent to outlets all over the internet. Let’s be honest, having your own blog is nice — but, when you get published on a website with hundreds of thousands of unique visitors a month, it feels great!.

Getting content published to big name websites isn’t easy, but it IS worth it. What do Copywriters do? ‘A copywriter is a salesperson behind a typewriter’ – Judith Charles.

This quote obviously stems from the time before computers, but the basics of what a copywriter is has not changed in this new era of technological change.

If you like your freelance writing advice to be “bullshit free” then Jorden Roper’s blog is going to be for you. Jorden is a straight talking writer who built up a freelance writing business from the ground up with little experience and in a short amount of time.

One other thing: freelance writing in any of its many manifestations is a business. And part of launching a business is making a business plan.

I just posted a five-part series on my website ( on how to make a business plan for a freelance writing business. Freelance writing is a great entry-level skill that almost anyone can develop and make good money too. If you’ve had a burning interest to become a freelance writer then I have some good news for you.

Freelance blog writing
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Freelance Writing Jobs: Here’s Where to Find Them