Possibility of slag cement

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Cement from Waste Materials

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We have compiled a sampling of futuristic design concepts for Eco Village housing. In some countries, Japan in particular, there are even standards for the use of slag as a concrete aggregate. In Republic of Croatia there are two slag landfills, named in this paper as landfill 1 and landfill 2, which are both landfills of air cooled steel slag—slag that originates from steel production in.

Tests conducted in accordance with Croatian standards in order to define possibility of using domestic slag as concrete aggregate, are described.

partial replacement of sand by copper slag

The results obtained fully confirm the possibility of overcoming the risk of alkali-aggregate expansion and sulfate destruction by using blast furnace slag cements with high-slag content.

The lower energy cost of blast-furnace slag cement, which can replace the special portland cement with low-tricalcium aluminate and low-alkali content, may. OE-Hub’s aim is to reduce carbonaceous waste, produce syngas (for electricity generation and synthetic fuel production), ammonia (for the fertilizer industry) and slag (for cement manufacturing) to achieve a complete green lifestyle.

The BIS code discusses the selection of aggregates for Concrete and structure works. Guide the designer in choosing corr.

Possibility of slag cement
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