Sexism in football assessment

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How can we beat sexism in football? Pink whistles at the ready!

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Women in Football survey exposes ‘ingrained, sexist culture’

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Sexism can begin in the simplest of places; a primary school for example. Picture this, a group of boys are playing a football match in the school playground, one of the girls in. As the Football Association and equality group Women in Football call for fans to report sexist abuse at games, BBC sports news correspondent Natalie Pirks describes her own experience of having chants directed at her while covering the sport.

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“When I saw that this test. Sexism is football is on the rise despite strides forward being made A nother read: “A teenage female referee who had to travel to games with an older male official was sexually harassed, with inappropriate touching, on the journey.

Sexism in football assessment
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Sexism ‘occurs daily’ in football, report reveals