Write an article on corruption in nigeria university

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Corruption and education in Nigeria

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University of Port Harcourt, Choba, Nigeria Describing the extent of corruption in Nigeria, Okeyim, Ejue and Ekanam () write that “corruption is pervasive in Nigeria” and analyzing the consequences of this, Lawal and Tobi () write that “Nigeria presents a typical case of a country in Africa whose development.

Corruption in Nigeria educational sector does no have limitation to the level of education. As the trend start from the basic primary school to the university. This has led most pessimist to argue that the corruption in Nigeria education can never be solved.

Corruption in Nigeria: Review, Causes, Effects and Solutions

This article examines the publication and reception of my book about corruption in Nigeria as a form of ethnographic evidence that is useful to interrogate the fraught relationship between the concepts of culture and corruption. The evidence points to multiple misunderstandings—but also to the powerful political purposes for which accusations of corruption.

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Write an article on corruption in nigeria university
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Nigeria: a corrupt culture or the result of a particular history?